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Do YOU Understand YOUR Contract?
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27 Feb 2013

Do YOU Understand YOUR Contract?

Do YOU Understand YOUR Contract?

You hired an attorney. She or he wrote your contract. They tell you it protects you and it’s “solid.” But, do you really understand it? You paid for it. Shouldn’t you understand it? This happens all too often. You were attacked with pages of jargon, redundancy, long sentences, and boring passive verbs. We want you to understand your contract. To help, we use plain english and have a sit-down session for further explanation.

Plain English

We try to reduce “legalistic terminology.” We truly want you to understand the contract you paid us to draft; hence, we try to use Plain English. Instead of using “aforesaid”, we’ll say “previous”. Instead of using “contiguous to”, we’ll say “next to”. Instead of using “heretofore”, we say “previously”. Instead of using “transpire”, we say “happen”. You get the point. Essentially, we do our best to write a contract that you can understand.


If you don’t understand something in your contract, we offer a sit-down session where we will walk you through the contract. At this point, we can explain any terms or sections that don’t make sense. We can also change terms, or sections, to make it more clear for you. If a doctor diagnosed you and you didn’t understand the diagnosis, you’d ask questions and they’d be expected to explain it. Well, sometimes attorneys have a tendency to use unnecessary language that doesn’t relate to your every day vocabulary. We promote questions, because our main goal is to have all of our clients leave with a smile.

Negotiating Your Payment with Your Attorney

When hiring an attorney, negotiate with them about YOUR contract. At Carson & Kyung, we provide flexible billing options for our clients. Most of our contract work is performed on a flat fee basis, an hourly basis, or an hourly basis with a cap. For example, if it takes less time to complete the work than the amount of the cap, you’ll get a refund. Alternatively, if the work takes more time than the cap, you will only have to pay the cap amount. Nice, right? We do our best to work with you and we understand business.

So, Did YOU Understand YOUR Contract?

If you don’t understand a contract, come talk to Carson & Kyung – Rancho Cordova’s Business Attorneys. We’d be happy to help you revise the contract, draft a new one, or just explain it. Contact our business attorneys for a consultation.

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By: Trevor Carson Google+

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*The information provided in this post does not constitute legal advice or opinion. The information is for guidance purposes only. Individual situations vary and you should contact us for a consultation.


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