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Sacramento Business Law Attorney

Our Sacramento business lawyers provide a full range of services for businesses.  We will help you decide which entity is the best for your needs, what business formalities you need to comply with, negotiate your lease agreement, draft an asset purchase agreement, write demand letters, and anything else your business needs.  Our business lawyers also provides consulting services on your day-to-day business operations and can help you plan for the future.

We have helped countless local, national, and international businesses.  Our business law attorneys pride themselves in the representation of small to mid-sized business entities.  Our legal team is composed of native Sacramentans who value helping locally-owned and operated businesses.  However, we do represent entities throughout the United States and currently have clients in such areas as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.  We also represent entities throughout Sacramento County, Sutter County, San Joaquin County, Placer County, El Dorado County, Yolo County, and Butte County.  Below are links to different areas of business law with more information.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers.

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Business Lawyer Costs

Business Lawyer Costs

We fully understand the concerns involved in hiring business attorney, such as costs.  At Carson & Kyung, we utilize modern technologies to effectively reduce costs and overhead; thereby, reducing the fees for you.  Cloud computing is one of many techniques we incorporate in our practice to help lower attorneys’ fees. Besides reducing costs and overhead, cloud computing also increases convenience and helps us expedite our client’s cases by permitting our staff to work remotely when needed.

Legal Retainer

Numerous business have our law firm on retainer.  This means their owners and representatives may contact our business lawyer whenever they need assistance.  A retainer helps reduce business costs by ensuring lower rates and quick responses.  Maintaining appropriate daily operations with legal assistance is an easy way to keep your business out of legal trouble, which saves more money in the long-run.

Flat Legal Fees

Our business lawyers are able to offer flat fees for numerous legal matters.  For example, we offer flat legal fees for contract drafting, business entity formations, and demand letters.  Our lawyers can offer these flat legal fees because of their extensive experience in handling different matters.  After handing countless matters, the business lawyers get an understanding of the amount of time it’ll take to complete a certain task.  When a matter can be calculated, the attorney will most likely provide a price quote for flat legal fees.  Initial meetings with our business lawyers are free.  During this free initial meeting, our lawyers will outline all of their fees and other other potential costs relating to your matter.

Hourly Legal Fees

Our Sacramento business lawyers also provide services based on an hourly rate.  Hourly rates can be more beneficial in certain matters.  If the matter is regarding litigation, which is most actions in court, our lawyers will charge at an hourly rate.  We also provide reduced hourly rates for transactional work and daily operations such as general legal questions.  Contact our business law firm to schedule a free initial meeting to learn more about our hourly legal fees.

Business Entity Formations

Our business attorney has helped form countless business entities:  partnerships, limited liability companies, nonprofits, and corporations.  Read more…

Rancho Cordova Business Attorney Entity Formation

Contract Drafting and Negotiating

Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.  Read more…

Rancho Cordova Business Attorney Contract Drafting and Negotiating

Day-to-Day Business Operations

Our business law firm helps businesses with their daily operations such as, writing demand letters, attending board meetings, drafting meeting minutes, and answering general legal questions.  Read more…

Rancho Cordova Business Attorneys day-to-day operations

Business Litigation and Lawsuits

Our business law attorney is well-versed in contentious lawsuits having litigated in both State and Federal Courts.  Put us in your corner, and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.  Read more…

Rancho Cordova Business Litigation and Lawsuits

Advising Entrepreneurs and Startups

From entity formation, to private offerings, to acquisitions, our law firm prides itself in working with entrepreneurs throughout the startup process.  Read more…

Rancho Cordova Business Attorney Entrepreneurs and Startups

Free Business Law Attorney Consultations

Our law firm offers free initial consultations for businesses.  Whether you’re interested in starting a new business, you need help with compliance, or you need help defending a lawsuit, that first meeting with our business law attorney will not cost you anything.  

Our Sacramento business lawyers have assisted in partnership dissolutions, lease disputes, breach of contract claims, and collection matters.  Allow us to direct our enthusiasm, personal attention, and dedication to reach your business-related goals.  Contact our Sacramento business lawyers today to set up a free consultation.

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