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Carson & Kyung, A Law Corporation is a Sacramento, California immigration law firm which focuses its practice on US Immigration Law. Our team of Sacramento immigration lawyers at the law firm of Carson & Kyung has represented numerous individuals and family members in obtaining the immigration benefits they deserve. Our experience ranges in the immigration field, which include U-Visas, green cards, naturalizations, asylums, deportation defense, employment-based immigration, fiancé(e) visas, spousal visas, deferred action, and waivers of inadmissibility.

Our Sacramento immigration attorneys provide effective solutions for all aspects of U.S. immigration and nationality services for our clients. Our lawyers have had significant success even with the new immigration policies that extend benefits to same-sex couples and family members through I-601A provisional waivers.

The immigration lawyers at the Sacramento law firm Carson & Kyung have a fantastic reputation amongst the community and a great track record of successful applications. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google! If you have a consultation with an immigration attorney at Carson & Kyung, you’ll leave happy because our immigration attorneys are knowledgeable and, importantly, honest. Contact Sacramento’s immigration attorneys today to set up a consultation or browse the many categories of immigration law listed below.

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Carson & Kyung, Corporación de Ley es una oficina de abogados localizada en Sacramento, que practican la ley de inmigración de los Estados Unidos. Nuestro equipo de abogados en nuestra oficina de Carson & Kyung en Sacramento han representado a una gran multitud de personas y sus familiares para obtener los beneficios de inmigración que son merecidos. Nuestra experiencia incluye U-Visas, Residencia Permanente, Naturalizaciones, Caso de Asilo, defensa de deportación, Inmigración por empleado, visas de prometido/a, visas de esposo/a, Acción diferida, exenciones de inadmisibilidad.

Nuestros abogados encuentran soluciones para todos los aspectos de inmigración de los Estados Unidos y servicios nacionales para nuestros clientes. Nuestros abogados han tenido gran éxito aun con las nuevas pólizas que han sido impuestas por inmigración en relación de beneficios de parejas del mismo sexo y familiares con petición I-601.

Los abogados de la oficina de Carson & Kyung tienen una reputación fantástica en su comunidad de abogados y han completado gran multitud de peticiones con éxito. Puede usted mismo revisar nuestras criticas en Yelp y Google! Si usted consigue su consulta saldrá satisfecho con el conocimiento de nuestros abogados pero más importante con la honestidad de nuestros abogados de inmigración. Llame a nuestra oficina de Sacramento ahora mismo para conseguir su cita de consulta o revise la multitud de categorías de leyes de inmigración listado.

Yelp Rated 5-Star Sacramento Immigration Attorneys

Carson & Kyung

  • Myself and my husband decided to enlist an immigration lawyer after receiving a Request for Evidence during the Adjustment of Status process. Our case was pretty straight forward - I had entered the US on an F1 visa and had always maintained my status - but we needed a little guidance.

    I took to the internet and found Peter. He had the best reviews of any lawyer I have ever seen so I immediately sent him an e-mail. From the moment I first contacted him, he was nothing but an absolute dream to work with. Peter really makes you feel like you are the only client he has! He responded to every e-mail I sent him (along with e-mails my husband sent to him) in such a timely matter, sometimes within minutes. I couldn't believe how prompt he was! Peter always kept my husband and I informed. He was reassuring when I needed it and he accompanied us to our interview where he was calm and confident which totally put me at ease.

    Along with being completely fantastic at what he does, Peter is a genuinely nice person. It was a pleasure to work with him and I thoroughly recommend his services. I will be contacting Peter for sure in two years when it's time to remove conditions on my green card.

    Thank you so much, Peter! Shane and I truly are grateful to you.

    Sarah W.
  • Reviewing Peter and his team online made the difference to go and choose him as our lawyer. So it's a pleasure to write a review for Mr. Kyung, hoping it helps people in their immigration process. I've used Yelp so many times and I never imagined that this time I was going to find here a solution for this situation too... After a lot of research, long trips, lots of money spent and having a real bad experience with another lawyer, things were looking very tight for me, my wife and I were really worried about my situation in this country... I knew I didn't want to be living with that pressure on my shoulders, becoming an "illegal immigrant"... NO WAY! We were not going to give up. Since the first meeting we had with Peter we signed the contract; it felt so comfortable, we were sure things were going to be fine with him on our side! Elegant and friendly environment, Peter has this super patient, polite and intelligent way of explaining the whole process to you.. finally, everything was clear for us! Through the process, communication was fantastic, very efficient. Every question or everytime I was freaking out with the forms and needing help, Peter was there explaining step by step and answering all our questions. He was always clear and straightforward; also, his team was always on top of things, they were letting us know about any new event, any detail and any new notification. When my wife and I finally got our USCIS Interview, Peter was there with us, supporting and helping with everything, as I said, always on top of things. Having Peter there in the Interview made me feel secure and supported, it definitely made the difference. The day I received the notification of approval I was so happy, so thankful. I knew that having Mr. Kyung as our lawyer made things go smoother, quicker and easier. The whole process was so so quick!! when in the beginning I thought it was going to take at least one year! I'm recommending Carson & Kyung as much as I can; I recently recommended him to two friends of mine, they are going through the same process and they need good, efficient help. They seem as comfortable and satisfied with Peter as I was. Now that I have my GreenCard in the pocket, we are able to travel and see my family and come back without being worried anymore! I can move freely around too! Thank you very much Peter. Cheers! GRACIAS!!
    Marlon A.
  • As a recent client of Carson & Kyung, A Law Corporation, it is my pleasure to write a review for the outstanding job they have done for me.

    I had an immigration issue and was working with Peter Kyung who practices immigration law at the firm.

    On a personal level, Peter was the perfect attorney to work with for me, calm and confident, always very supportive and understanding, who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your immigration goals.

    On a professional level, Peter impressed me as very knowledgeable and experienced in his field, he was always quick to respond to any questions I had during the process, very detail oriented and diligent when gathering all the paperwork and all with the goal of achieving a positive result for you as quickly as possible unlike at other firms where their goal is to get as much money from you as possible by either giving you false information or extending the process for as long as possible based on what I heard from people who had this unfortunate experience with other attorneys.

    Overall, thanks to all the great work Peter put into my case, his professionalism, intelligence and diligence, I received the approval for permanent residency just after 3 days after the immigration interview even despite some complications that I had in my case.

    So, based on my experience with Peter Kyung and stories from people about other attorneys, if you or your friends are considering an immigration lawyer, I wouldn't think twice in choosing Peter Kyung as your representative in any immigration matters you might have as I know from my own experience he will do all his best in helping you achieve your immigration goals in a timely and professional manner.

    Alexander S.
  • When my husband and I decided to file our immigration application, it was my job to look for an immigration lawyer. I have just moved to California and pretty much don't have any connection. Peter was among the 3 lawyers that I shortlisted based on my online research.

    I called for an appointment and his office was the most accommodating of our requested meeting schedule. My husband and I went to meet him. He was very congenial and straightforward. But he is awfully young and has not been in practice as long as the other 2 in my shortlist! But nonetheless we decided to retain him then, secretly crossing our fingers that we made the right choice.

    As it turned out, my husband and I are very happy and satisfied with the manner by which Peter handled our case within the last 3 months. He is details oriented and follows through with his commitments. He does follow up calls and emails when he says he will. He makes himself available for very early or late day meetings. He returns calls whenever necessary. And he came with us during our interview just as he promised during our first meeting.

    In short, he is most professional in his dealing with us. He was helpful and reassuring but at the same time is able to temper our expectations. I will retain him again if the need arises (hopefully not). I will certainly recommend him to family and friends to handle their cases. Also, I'm posting this review to help anyone who finds himself in a similar situation as I was in 3 months ago.

    Thanks a lot Peter! Keep doing such a marvelous job.

    Estela A.

Immigration consultations are only $100 and the fees are deducted if you sign with us!

Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

What if I'm not in Sacramento? / ¿No me encuentro en el área de Sacramento?

Virtual Office

Not able to meet our immigration lawyers in Sacramento or Berkeley? Don’t worry! We can offer our services “virtually.” We communicate with clients by email, Google Hangout, Skype, telephone, and every other medium you can imagine! We were able to provide legal services to clients all around the world that we never met in person, including Dubai, Germany, China, Brazil, Russia, and many more. Simply put, don’t worry about distance or ability to meet in person, our immigration lawyers can work something out.

Oficina Virtual

No se le facilita venir a nuestra oficina de Sacramento o Berkeley? No se preocupe! Ofrecemos servicios “virtuales”. Nos comunicamos con nuestros clientes por correo electrónico, Google hangouts, Skype, teléfono, o cual quier otro medio posible! Tenemos clientes por todo el mundo que nunca conocimos en persona incluyendo Dubai, Alemania, China, Brasil, Rusia, y muchos más. Simplemente, la distancia no es obstáculo. Nuestros abogados se accomiden a usted para facilitar el proceso.

How would I be able to live in the United States permanently? / ¿Como podría yo vivir en los Estados Unidos permanentemente?

In order to live permanently in the United States, you would have to become a lawful permanent resident (a green card holder). You may be able to obtain a green card through marriage, a qualifying relative (such as a parent, child, or sibling), an employer, as an asylee, under the U-Visa, or other qualifying methods of obtaining a green card. It is important to speak to an immigration attorney to discuss the potential options of becoming a lawful permanent resident.

Para vivir permanentemente en los Estados Unidos tendría que establecer Residencia Permanente Legal. La manera de obtener residencia permanente es por matrimonio, pariente calificante (como padres, hijos, o hermanos), empleado, como asilado, bajo la U-Visa, o otros métodos de calificación. Es importante hablar con un abogado de inmigración para discutir las diferentes opciones que se ofrecen para convertirse en Residente Permanente Legal.

Is there more than one way of obtaining citizenship? / ¿Ay más de una manera para obtener ciudadanía?

Yes, individuals who are born in the United States are automatically extended US citizenship and some individuals who are born outside of the United States are also automatically given citizenship through their parents if certain conditions are met. Other individuals born outside of the United States can obtain citizenship through naturalization after having been a permanent resident for 3 (for those married to and living with a US citizen) or 5 years.

Si, las personas nacidas en los Estados Unidos automáticamente se les extiende laciudadanía, igualmente ay individuos que son nacidos fuera de los Estados Unidos que tambien se les extiende la ciudadanía por parte de sus padres si ciertos requisitos son cumplidos. Otros individuos nacidos fuera de los Estados Unidos pueden obtener su ciudadanía por medio de naturalización después de haber sido residente permanente por 3 a 5 años (para ellos que están casados y viviendo con un ciudadano).

Is there a way for me to stay in the United States permanently if I'm a crime victim? / ¿Ay manera de permanecer en los Estados Unidos permanentemente si he sido víctima de un crimen?

There may be a way for you to become a lawful permanent resident depending on the circumstances of your case. U-Visas are nonimmigrant visas that give temporary legal status in the United States and work eligibility, but a U-Visa holder can apply to adjust his/her status (obtain a green card). A crime victim who suffered from persecution or fears future persecution in their home country might qualify under asylum laws and should speak with an attorney.

Puede haber la manera de que usted se convierta en un residente permanente legal, dependiendo en los detalles de su caso. Personas que tienen la U-Visa pueden aplicar para ajustar su estado (obtener su residencia). Una víctima de crimen que haya sufrido de persecución o tiene miedo de futuro persecución en su país de origen puede calificar bajo las leyes de asilo y debería hablar con un abogado.

How long does it take for USCIS to make a decision on my case? / ¿Cuanto tiempo se tomara el departamento de USCIS para tomar una decisión en mi caso?

It depends. If you’ve applied to adjust your status as a permanent resident through marriage with a US citizen spouse, it could take anywhere from 3-4 months. If you’re applying for a green card through consular processing or fiancé(e) visa, it could take anywhere from 9-18 months. If you’ve applied to obtain citizenship through naturalization, it could take anywhere from 4-5 months. Processing time information is also available here:

Depende de su situación. Si ha aplicado para ajustar su residencia permanente por medio de matrimonio con un Ciudadano(a) Estadounidenses, se puede tomar hasta 3 o 4 meses. Si usted está aplicando para su residencia permanente por proceso consular o por visa de prometido(a), puede tomarse entre 9-18 meses. Si usted ha aplicado para la ciudadanía, se puede tomar de 4-5 meses. Tiempos de proceso se pueden encontrar en:

What can I do when my case was denied or if I've received a notice of intent to deny? / ¿Que se puede hacer si mi caso fue negado o si e recibido noticia de intento que se ha negado?

You should quickly speak to an attorney to review your case. There may be options available for you and it’s important that you speak to an attorney soon after you receive a notice of intent to deny or a denial because you’re given a short amount of time to respond, if at all. Not responding or numerous failed attempts at applying for immigration benefits can get costly, so we recommend that you consult with an immigration lawyer.

Hable con un abogado lo más pronto posible para que revise su caso. Puede haber opciones disponibles para usted. Es importante que hable con un abogado en cuanto le llegue la notificación, porque el tiempo que se da para responder es corto. Al no responder o al entregar atentos fallados puede salir costoso. Recomendamos que consulte con un abogado de inmigración.

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Carson & Kyung, A Law Corporation consists of caring and honest Sacramento immigration attorneys who focus their practice on immigration law. If you’re seeking the assistance of a Sacramento immigration lawyer, contact our law firm. Immigration law can be complex and difficult and we always recommend that you sit down with our Sacramento immigration attorneys to see whether you qualify for the benefits you seek and if we’re the right fit for you.

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